After Care


  • do not wet your eyes for at least 2 hours after procedure. This will give time for your glue to cure. (avoid steam rooms, saunas, and swimming during this period
  • do not apply mascara (you no longer need to)
  • use cotton swabs to remove any makeup around the areas of the eyes
  • use oil-free cleansers and makeup remover
  • do not rub your eyes or pick on eyelashes
  • never pull your eyelash extensions off, as it will also pull your natural eyelashes
  • do not perm or tint your eyelashes
  • do not use eyelash curlers
  • brush your eyelashes daily


  • do not peel the shellac if it starts to chip ; peeling the shellac will also take a part of your natural nails along with it and will damage your nails
  • have them taken off professionally by one of our staff
  • it is best to take a break from shellac after a long period of time having them on consistently


  1. scrape the top layer of polish with a nail file
  2. damp some cotton with acetone
  3. apply the cotton on top of the nail then wrap each finger with tin foil
  4. let it soak for 10-15 minutes
  5. scrape the shellac off with a cuticle pusher


  • moisturize & reapply sunscreen several times during the day
  • maintain hydration, topically and internally (drink plenty of water)
  • avoid direct sunlight and sun beds for at least one week
  • keep the skin well protected from UVA/UVB rays with a minimum of SPF 15 and no more than SPF 35. The use of sunscreen only reduces the damaging effects of solar rays, and skins that have a tendency for hyper pigmentation are at risk for new blotchiness appearance
  • avoid waxing for at least 2 weeks
  • avoid any chemical peel or AHA’s for three weeks
  • avoid swimming in a chlorinated pool the day of the treatment (irritant)
  • avoid saunas and whirlpools
  • avoid scratching or picking on treated skin
  • you may feel dryness/tightness in the skin for a few days